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Hi, Jeff here from Penny Stock Egghead Review .org! And you are about to read my uncensored review of what I thought after trying out Nathan Gold’s new Penny Stock Egghead stock pick newsletter. Be advised, though, that I plan to describe the product in detail… covering both the good and the bad points, so if that’s not for you then you should probably leave now.

By the way, this is just a Penny Stock Egghead Review

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Penny Stock Egghead Review

In order to give you all an honest and full review, I signed up for Penny Stock Egghead and received my first newsletter the other week. Basically, you pay a flat one-time fee and receive access to at least one hot penny stock investment pick every Thursday or Friday. (The penny stock advice comes out near the end of the week to give you time to research before the market opens on Monday.)

All-in-all I was pleasantly surprised with the first newsletter I received from Nathan prior to writing this Penny Stock Egghead Review. At first I was expecting the newsletter to be something along the lines of “Hey, pick this stock. Bye.” But actually, the newsletter was five pages long and prefaced the penny stock advice with a lengthy explanation of the evidence of why Nathan’s pick was a winner.

Penny Stock Egghead Review – The Specifics

The first newsletter I received began with a very entertaining story about the fashion industry. My first thought was “What? Did I sign up for the wrong newsletter? Why am I reading about female fashion?!” But then Nathan transitioned into talking about penny stocks by stating that his pick for the week was a fashion designer who’s bikini line had just been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Specifically, he recommended Inca Designs, Inc. (IDGI) claiming that it was the penny stock to buy before the market opened again on Tuesday (that Monday was a holiday).

Well… you can see the results of his pick below. On Thursday when his newsletter was released IDGI was trading at $0.0085 per share. On Friday the price rose slightly to around $0.009 per share. On Tuesday, the stock rose to $0.014 per share – approximately a 50% increase in value!

Nathan Gold’s words…

“I think my new stock pick, Inca Designs Inc. (Ticker Symbol: IDGI) is a situation that has the potential to put a lot of money in your pockets, mainly because of these four words…

Penny Stock Egghead ReviewAs you can see, a small investment of $500 on Thursday would have resulted in approximately a $250 profit on Tuesday. It’s impossible to know if these results will be typical every week, but the first newsletter I received certainly showed impressive results.

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So getting down to the good and bad points of the product…

Penny Stock Egghead Review – The Bad Points…

  • The newsletter provides a stock pick and supporting evidence, but beginners will not learn HOW to pick the best penny stocks… Nathan always does that for you. (Less chance to become an expert yourself.)
  • Penny stocks require an additional investment of around $100 or more to see any real returns on your investment… If you don’t buy shares, you can’t sell them later!
  • Penny stocks involve risk. Nathan seems to know his stuff, but nobody’s perfect!

Alright, now the good points…

  • Nathan Gold is a recognized expert in penny stock analysis and has advised some top CEOs in the past.
  • So far in my experience, he has been right on his penny stock advice almost 90% of the time… if this continues then there are chances to really make some cash over the coming weeks.
  • Nathan provides evidence and analysis of his penny stock pick so that you aren’t “left in the dark” but you actually KNOW WHY you should buy his pick ASAP.
  • Penny stocks are AFFORDABLE… That’s why they are called “penny stocks” after all! Most of the time you can buy shares for around $0.01 or less, and the absolute maximum price is $5 per share. So, if you lose one week, you should not have suffered any significant loss.
  • Nathan Gold offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on your trust in his penny stock abilities. (This refund is also backed up by his payment processor as well, which has a “no questions asked” refund policy to make sure you are completely protected).

Penny Stock Egghead Review – My Conclusion

Out of all the penny stock reviews I have written on different products, Nathan Gold’s Penny Stock Egghead is definitely one of the best I have seen. Up to now, most of the penny stock systems have involved a lot of hype and claims that even beginners could learn to pick the best penny stocks in no time flat.

The reality is that YOU NEED EXPERT ADVICE when investing in this volatile market, and Nathan really seems to be an expert in this field. Investing in penny stocks involves some risk and is definitely not for everyone… But ALL IN ALL, this Penny Stock Egghead Review gives Nathan Gold’s system a thumbs up.

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Penny Stock Egghead Review – Jeff

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Investing in Penny Stocks – What’s the Risk?

Penny stocks are an extremely attractive investment option for most people due to the fact that they allow investors to purchase a HUGE number of shares at a very low price – often lower than $2 to $5 per share. As you can imagine, the low price and high number of shares means the potential for amazing gains if the stock performs well. However, you should also keep in mind the risks if you are going to buy penny stocks.

What are the risks involved?

Admittedly, the risks involved with cheap penny stocks is somewhat low – namely because the stock is cheap. However, problems can arise when untrained investors become carried away with the hype and invest hundreds of dollars per day with the expectation that they will all generate a hefty return.

You see, the appeal of penny stocks is that you can purchase a large number of stocks for, on average, less than a few hundred dollars. So, in reality, there is really not much of a risk because we aren’t talking about a multi-thousand dollar investment that you might make on the open stock market. If your penny stock picks soar, you will likely double your initial investment and come away with a few hundred dollars in profit for the day; if your penny stock analysis flounders and your picks drop fifty-percent, you still have only lost around $100 or so.

While the profits or losses depend on the individual and his adeptness at choosing the truly hot penny stocks, beginners who invest moderately and due their due diligence should do fine financially.

Why can it be difficult to predict the best penny stock?

One reason that penny stocks are so cheap is because there is generally less information available for those companies than you would find in other markets. You may be surprised when searching for which penny stock to buy that some investment options simply have no information available at all. So you are left with a balance… extremely cheap shares for sale but with little concrete information to base your decision… Some investment options will be more palatable because you actually will find information, but be prepared sometimes if you are unable to make an informed decision.

How does Nathan Gold predict the top penny stocks?

As you may know by now, Nathan Gold is the creator of the Penny Stock Egghead system that he claims generates him thousands of dollars per day. Although Nathan would not reveal his exact method when I requested information to help write this review, he did hint at how he comes up with his picks.

He told me that, to the untrained penny stock investor, spikes in the price appear completely random. However, his research revealed that 7 out of 10 times, these spikes are the result of promotions. Unfortunately, I was unable to convince him to reveal his secret system to me, but he claims to have developed a method to find out which cheap penny stocks are about to because extremely expensive as a result of these promotions.

He provided scans of his tax returns and E*TRADE financial records, and I have to admit that I was a little impressed. He also showed me proof that he is a “guru” in his field and has a sizable following of people enthusiastic about investing in penny stock that he recommends.

If he truly is able to predict promotions before they occur, that would provide a huge advantage to him and those with whom he shares the information – and significantly cut out a lot of the risk!

So, all in all, how can I enter the market with minimal risk?

Take things slowly… Gauge the market and do your best to follow what more experienced traders are saying in bulletin boards and online forums. Start with a small investment of $100 or a little more and trade at a moderate pace. If you pick a great penny stock right out of the gate and make money – good for you! If you lose money, it’s alright because you are only investing a small amount each week or month.

The most important thing I can stress is do not let your emotions control you! You need to be disciplined and have an investment plan. Investors who structure their investment plan prior to trading often stand the best chance of making profits and providing the most security in mitigating any losses. As time progresses, you will gain a much better understanding of which penny stocks to buy and become a much better penny stock trader.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Penny Stocks | Penny Stock Egghead Review

My goal was to create a Penny Stock Egghead Review and after trying out the actual product, I realized that there are a few things that beginners need to know about penny stock investing. First, tips from experts on which penny stocks are about to spike can be extremely profitable, but a lot of beginners may not even know what these stocks are in the first place. I remember that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I first started out.

Penny Stock Egghead Review – Tips

Tip #1 – What are penny stocks?

Probably the BEST way to break down penny stocks is to describe them as stocks that are generally bought and sold for under $5 from online discount stock brokers. These are often desirable to a wider group of investors because the low price allows them to purchase more stock picks than they would otherwise be able to afford.

Tip #2 – Penny Stock Egghead Review’s Recommended BrokersPenny Stock Egghead Review

You may now be wondering where to buy penny stocks? Although you are encouraged to shop around at the various online discount brokers, the two that I have found to be the most affordable and easiest to use are E*TRADE and Scottrade. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your broke, though, so I encourage you to shop around and find the one that makes you the most comfortable.

Once you find a broker that you like, simply fund your account with a small initial investment so that you can begin trading. Your account can usually be funded by a personal check or a bank transfer. When I was compiling my Penny Stock Egghead Review, though, I did find that some brokers accept a wide range of other payment methods as well.

Tip #3 – Research the Market

Once you have your account set up, you need to then research the market. Surprisingly, one of the most effective ways to get a handle on which stocks will likely be the most profitable is to become involved in relevant forums and bulletin boards. Experts, or at least traders with years of experience, are always online writing about what they think will be the best penny stocks. While you should research the market yourself, the advice of a knowledgeable trader in these forums can prove extremely valuable to your bank account with guru stock picks.

Tip #4 – Purchase and Monitor Your Stocks

Once you have determined what you anticipate to be the hottest stock picks, or at least which ones will likely increase in value, you should then acquire them through your online broker. This process varies depending on the service you use, but it generally consists of simply entering the trading symbol and purchasing.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to monitor your stocks regularly! You want to be ready sell when the market spikes to cash out on your profit, or when it begins to trend downward so that you can mitigate your losses.

These tips were based off of information compiled for my Penny Stock Egghead Review of Nathan Gold’s Penny Stock Egghead system. I hope you found these penny stock tips helpful!

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This post was brought to you by Jeff as part of his Penny Stock Egghead Review.

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Getting the Most Out of Penny Stocks

Hot Penny Stocks Investment Guide

The term “penny stocks” is somewhat of a misnomer. Most will look at the term and assume that it refers to buying stocks at a very low price and then selling at an almost equally low price. This is a skewed way of looking at penny stocks and a more accurate assessment would stocks which can be bought at a low price and then watching the price of the stock grows. You could even “dream” of selling them at a high profit. Then again, you might not have to dream of anything – you could just go right ahead and buy low and sell high!

Some may be wondering what are penny stocks and why have they grown in popularity in recent years. The latter question should be somewhat easy to answer – many are looking towards penny stocks because they can prove to be profitable investment vehicles. They are cheap to acquire and can potentially increase exponentially in value.

The Basics of Penny Stockspenny stocks

What is a penny stock? Contrary to what the name suggests, it does not refer to a stock that is always sold at a penny. Rather, it refers to a publicly traded stock that sells for under one dollar. The low price of the stock makes purchasing enormous amounts of shares relatively easy for someone that may have low investment capital.

Of course, this does raise the obvious question: why would anyone be interested in purchasing a penny stock? The answer is about as simple as simple can be: the stocks would be purchased for the purpose of amassing profits. Low share prices come with great potential to grow and they may very well grow significantly.

The way the process works just follows basic investing and trading strategies that have been with us since the dawn of time:

If you purchase 2,000 shares of a stock at $1 each share and the value of the shares increases to $1.25, you would have experienced a $500 profit on the venture. If you are an investor, you will be purchasing the stocks for the long term. That is to say, you could be wiling to wait quite some time for the stock to increase in value. This is certainly not a problem in any way as long as the value of the stock prices does increase.

However, if you are a trader, you will need the value of the stocks to increase within the same day you made your stock purchase. Obviously, this is a riskier and far more complex way of entering the penny stock market. The clear reason why many will opt to day trade is because they can amass great profits (Well, potentially amass them) by the closing of the market on the same day. Such a venture requires a great deal of research, speculation, and help from signal services and the like. As such, penny stock day trading is only recommended to those truly up for the task.

The Lowdown on Penny Stocks

Which direction should you go in with penny stocks? The answer is up to you. You just need to find the vehicle you are most comfortable with and take advantage of it. Good luck getting started with penny stocks!

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What You Should Know About Penny Stocks

Important Information on Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are shares that are trading for anywhere between a fraction of a penny on up to five dollars. They have at times been thought of negatively, simply because of the risk involved due to the shortage of information and history available regarding their companies, which can lead to financial risk and instability. On the other hand, with any risk there is also great potential for future reward. Most savvy investors understand that penny stocks represent the numerous small, start up companies throughout the United States that are in the process of expanding and are just waiting to be discovered.

Why Penny Stocks Are So Popular

One major cause for the allure of penny stocks is that investors can own a piece of a company at only a small fraction of the price. This modest investment can easily, over time, turn into a fortune. There have been actual cases where penny stocks have gone from a couple of cents to well over $20. On the other hand, there have also been times when they have lost their value all together. Although several companies at first go public beginning at $10 or higher, there are an even greater number of well well-known businesses that began as penny stocks that are giants of the industry today.

Deals on Penny Stocks – What To Look For

Great penny stocks businesses appear identical to most successful companies, the only distinction being that they’re smaller. They’ll have a powerful and seasoned management team, exceptional service, a great product and most importantly, solid numbers. If you can’ find enough information about a company your interested in, pick up the phone and speak to their investor relations rep for more information. Follow by comparing them to their competitors as well as any other investment opportunities that you may be interested in.

Unfortunately, a high number of investors invest in penny stocks without completely comprehending what they are actually investing in, or even how to trade. In these cases, the end result is usually that they lose all the money they invested. Take the time to learn how to invest properly in penny stocks. Being aware of all the pitfalls and avoidable dangers will save you money and keep you from choosing risky penny stocks.

penny stocks

A good way to begin is to study several penny stock companies, following them for several weeks as well as reviewing their company history. Another great way to learn about investing is to visit investment sites, sign up for their newsletters and even talk to an investment specialist who can get you started in the right direction. You’ll want to keep in mind however, that most investment firms get paid for promoting whatever stock options their pushing at the moment and penny stocks may not be high on their list. Some of the more unscrupulous investment professionals may have a number of schemes up their sleeves, and they usually don’t have a problem taking advantage of a beginner investor. To protect yourself against these kinds of investment professionals, ask for a referral first from family or friends.

Taking the time to learn all you can about penny stocks, finding high quality companies, and knowing how you can steer clear of the stumbling blocks related to investing in penny stocks, can help you turn small investments into massive profits.

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Reducing Your Risk With Penny Stock Picks Subscription Services

While penny stocks are generally a higher risk form of investment than investing in most of the stocks which are publicly traded on the AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges. At the same time, there are ways to manage your risk and make a significant profit by trading penny stocks. Like any other kind of investment, being successful is all about learning to minimize your risk and maximize your returns; and even if you’ve always shied away from penny stocks due to their reputation as a risky investment vehicle, you may want to reconsider once you know how it’s done.

Penny stocks are also like traditional stock trading in that it’s important to research any stock which you’re interested in buying. However, it is often more difficult to do your due diligence and researching penny stocks calls for a different approach than you may be used to even if you’re relatively experienced as a stock trader – and choosing when to buy and sell these stocks is also a different process.

Successful penny stock traders don’t make their picks the same way as someone who deals in traditional stocks would. For example, when you’re analyzing a penny stock, the fundamentals of the company are much less of a factor; in many cases, they’re not really a concern for you as a trader at all. You’ll need to be able to dig much deeper than you would when trying to decide whether or not to purchase a traditional stock. In fact, you have to become something of an investigator to sniff out the most profitable trades.

penny stocksUnless you already have a good amount of experience successfully picking penny stocks, it’s not really a good idea to pick your own stocks. It takes a lot of practice as well as a natural talent for picking winning stocks which other people might not see. If you don’t have this skill or years to develop it, then you may never become expert enough to confidently choose penny stocks.
Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert at picking penny stocks to make a profit as a trader. With the right tools at your disposal, you can trade penny stocks while keeping your risk to a minimum, whether you’re an experienced trader or you’ve never done any kind of investment before. You may want to consider trading using the recommendations of the experts in the field; there are some traders who have the skill and the innate talent needed to pick the right penny stocks consistently and a few of these exceptional traders have set up subscription services which allow you to access their picks for a fee.

Depending on the service, you may receive information on which stocks to buy; and the better services will also tell you when it’s a good time to buy and sell. A subscription service may not be the answer for everyone, but if you’re interested in keeping your risk low and giving yourself a leg up as a trader, it might be worth considering.

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How To Spot Penny Stock Scams

If you’ve been doing any kind of research into penny stocks, you’ve probably heard about a company called Lithium Exploration Group (traded as LEXG). In case you’re not up to speed on this story yet, the company seems to have been involved in one of the largest microcap stock fraud schemes in recent memory. After seeing the price of a share in LEXG rise from around $1 to as high as $11 with an unprecedented trading volume, the truth finally came out: the company had no real underlying business to speak of, no cash on hand and no revenue.

penny stockThe LEXG scam may have been one of the largest scams in the history of penny stocks, but it is fairly typical of penny stock scams in its planning and execution. The usual pattern is that enormous amounts of a previously unknown company’s stock will suddenly be purchased (usually by the unscrupulous characters behind the scam), accompanied by a campaign of positive press for the company in question. You may see false information about the company disguised as press releases and news stories, on websites masquerading as reputable sources of investment information and of course, out and out advertisements for the stock online, in print and via email.

The low cost per share of penny stocks makes them especially vulnerable to price manipulation and for this reason, penny stock scams have been operated by the mafia and other criminal organizations. The prevalence of scams in the microcap investment scene has soured some people on penny stocks altogether, which is a shame since there are indeed solid investments to be made here if you know where to look – and what to watch out for.

It’s important to do your due diligence when you’re trading conventional stocks and especially so when you’re trading penny stocks. These smaller companies don’t always file with the SEC and their size makes them more difficult to research; but given the relative ease with which criminals can perpetrate fraud, it’s well worth doing a bit of detective work to get the important details about any company whose stock you’re interested in trading. If more penny stock traders had bothered to do this with LEXG before buying into the company, it is doubtful that this particular pump and dump scheme would have ever become as large as it did before being revealed publicly.

So what should you watch out for when looking for penny stocks to trade? In short, beware of hyperbole. Whenever you see something talked about in terms which seem just a little too glowing, that should be a red flag – and even more so if you see a flood of advertisements (especially advertisements disguised as news stories). Penny stocks can yield appreciable returns for the savvy investor, but even more so than traditional stock trading, let the buyer beware.

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The Best Stock Newsletter

Penny stocks investment are risky and with many uncertainties, but can yield remarkable returns if you buy the right ones and at the right time. Many people have found through several years of experience that the only way to avoid any pitfall is by having a reliable Best Stock Newsletter as an alert tool to keep you updated on the latest and greatest opportunities.

Getting the right newsletter can be a hard task but a great pointer is to always check out the best stock newsletter that you can reliably take advantage of, mainly one that clearly points you to the available opportunities in the market. It’s important that you only subscribe to quality newsletters so that you don’t have to fight an insurmountable amount of spam whenever you log in to your account. Remember the rule: “Quality over quantity”.

Penny stocks are quite volatile especially on an intra-day basis and they show rather tremendous fluctuations, which are very difficult to anticipate or track at times, hence, the need for the best stock newsletter that should guide you creatively much more than a mutual fund manager or a stock broker.

Information is quite crucial when it comes to trading in stocks and any avid stocks trader can attest to this. The best stock newsletter is a necessity because it can be a powerful alert tool that will show you trading techniques to get you that highest figure within a short time minus all the risks involved. A good newsletter subscription is like a good and trusted friend with lots of experience holding you by the hand and giving you great advice and guidance.

Benefits of Best Stock Newsletter

best stock newsletterSubscribing to the best stock newsletter gives you no reason to place blame on your stockbroker because of a blunder that cost you. There are immense benefits accrued from stock newsletters. Some of these incredible benefits of the best stock newsletter include:

1. Stock newsletters track performance of investments. After the aftermath of the debt crisis, the economy now is quite promising and there is a very high prospect of steady growth. The likelihood of penny stocks to perform well is very high. In order to stay ahead, the best stock newsletter should be a reliable source to successful stock trading.

2. The best stock newsletter provides much condensed stock information gathered over the years to give you insight on how to avoid incurring losses. A good stock newsletter should explore on new and workable techniques and not traditional ones that may not work in the new stock investment environment.

3. If you want a diverse approach to penny stocks investment then a stock newsletter can help you with this. You can monitor a wide range of investment and know their end results even without spending a dime.

Best Stock Newsletter: Identifying the Best Penny Stocks to Buy

The best way to pick suitable penny stocks to invest in is by the sector specific means because certain sectors tend to perform quite well than others (just like in any other area of life and work). Check out on the best sectors to invest in:

Electronics Stocks

The rising household incomes in developing countries makes the electronics sector a very viable pick. Small companies are constantly recording good results with expansion plans already in place. Good electronic markets have excellent chances of annual growth.

Information Technology Stocks

Penny stocks for this sector are to be closely monitored. Larger firms are benefiting from the increasing demand of IT services. With the best stock newsletter, you can be well informed on the available performing companies in this sector.

Pharmaceutical Stocks

One of the most recommended penny stocks to buy in any year is the pharmaceuticals stocks. The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most unaffected by almost all economic factors. Tracking the sector is quite crucial as this performance will continue over the years to come making penny stocks in the pharmaceutical sector a valuable buy.

Entertainment and Media Stocks

This sector if properly managed yields generously when it comes to penny stocks. In order to get the right one to invest in, you need to get the best stock newsletter to keep you updated.

Best Stock Newsletter; Best Penny Stock Picks

The small size of companies makes it difficult to invest in penny stock. With adoption of the right business strategies and efficient management systems, some stocks are quite promising. The best stock newsletter should be able to give you a clear guide on diverse and reliable penny stock picks.

According to stock investment experts, some of the best suggestions on penny stock picks are:

Abrax Petroleum

Acorn energy Inc.

American Software Inc.

Gastar Exploration

Hercules Offshore

MEMC Electronic Material

MEMC Electronic Materials

PostRock Energy Corporation

Samson Oil and Gas Ltd

Sirius XM

Sprint Nextel

Tengasco Inc.

U. S. Airways Group

Best Stock Newsletter: Tips on Investing in Penny Stocks

Investors enter the stock investment market with the hope of making a huge income and achieving a great ROI (Return on Investment). What most people don’t understand is that penny stocks are a huge risk and though some succeed, some on the other hand fail miserably. Here are a few helpful tips when investing in penny stocks:

Proper Valuation

The fear of free fall can only be ruled out in the valuation stage. This is mainly because penny stocks fall more than large stocks in a bad market. You need to decide on your safety margin while investing. This is very important.

Promising Future Growth Prospects

Always choose a firm that has free cash flow and surplus liquidity for safe penny stock investing. Ensure that the business model of the chosen company is sustainable in whatever state of the economy. This step is especially important if you want to maintain your success for a longer time span.

Perfect Timing

Learn when to buy and when to let go. Your decisions should be logical and your greed should be disciplined. The perfect time will surely yield tremendous stock investment results, but you must resist the temptation to ruin your changes because of being too greedy.

Study the Aim and Past Track Record of the Management

Take time to study the record of the company management, and see whether they are able to achieve the growth and expansion that they had promised in their meeting with shareholders. Thoroughly study on the market, demand for the idea, product or service being provided by the company.

Best Stock Newsletter

I hope this read has been quite useful. If you are investing in penny stocks or in the process of investing, then you now understand that you always need to stay informed because keeping track of all the latest information on penny stock investment can be a handful.

A much easier way to do this is by a weekly subscription to a penny stocks newsletter. Here is an opportunity for you to sign up for the Best Stock Newsletter and get a HUGE head start on your competition! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and don’t waste another second: SIGN UP NOW!

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